Baby, it’s cold outside. Time for Spring Cleaning!



The weather outside is frightful, for sure. Single-digit temperatures, snow piled along the sides of the roads, and sidewalks like skating rinks. Unless it’s imperative that you travel, it is better just to stay inside. Which is exactly what I did, all weekend.

And in between my usual weekend tasks and the sweet nap I took on the couch while snow drifted silently outside, my thoughts turned to spring….spring cleaning, to be exact.

I have never understood the idea of spring cleaning. Yes, I get the basic premise, but the generally accepted definition of spring cleaning is a meticulous cleaning of the home, top to bottom, sometime between winter and summer. Who wants to do that when the weather finally turns warm? The first nice day, I am pulling on my gardening gloves and heading outside, I couldn’t care less about dusty windowsills or vacuuming the mattress. I might be persuaded at some point during the warmer weather to thoroughly clean the garage, but the house? Seriously?

Here’s an idea……what about winter cleaning?  Why not use some of those short, cold days to attend to all those big chores?

While every household is different, every home does need a deep cleaning. And yes, there are certain things like cleaning the outside of the windows that are best left until the warmer weather rolls around. But there are plenty of inside tasks that can easily be addressed during the dreary days of winter. Make a list, and move systematically through the house, checking items off as you go. Then, when the sun once again peeks through the clouds and beckons you outside, you can answer the call without feeling guilty about everything that needs to be done, because it will already be done!

This, of course, should only come after a bit of winter indulgence. Make a cup of hot chocolate and read a new book, take a long, warm soak in the tub, or, like I did this weekend in preparation for the Big Clean, be entirely selfish and claim the couch for your own and take a long, winter’s nap. My take on life……enjoy a reward before the work!

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