For the love of notebooks….

To put pen to paper is a commitment. From the efficiency of a to-do list to the beauty of a sketch, from the first lines of a first novel to the last lines of a last will and testament, a commitment has been made to capture a thought.

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Quote for Today

The power of imagination makes us infinite.  – John Muir

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All work and no play; all sorrow and no joy.

Some days, some weeks actually, just seem like a never-ending work zone. I really thought that “working for the weekend” was simply the mantra of my past. But when work is so demanding that you become brain-dead the minute you punch out and spend the entire evening trying to reboot, something is very, very wrong.

Yes, there is a natural ebb and flow to all jobs. Sometimes there is a major deadline or project that requires more of your time and attention and can be expected to be a drain. But when that level of stress becomes the norm, the time has come to reevaluate the benefits that you gain in exchange for all of that expended energy.

The same can be said for relationships.

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Simple pleasures really are the best, and right now that means daydreaming.

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